Smile Gallery

After graduating, Dr. Simpson studied with some of the world’s leading doctors* in the art and science of creating beautifully esthetic, natural  looking  and functional teeth and smiles.

*(Dr. John Kois, Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. Buddy Mopper, Dr. Newton Fahl)

Before and After Photos

All photos are not re-touched and all work was performed by Dr. Simpson

Esthetic Composite Bonding

 Jack Before
 Jason Before

Composite Bonding – Smile Makeovever

This is a retired dentist in his 80’s who wanted his teeth to look better for his 60th Grad reunion from Dental school (that was 3 days away).  Dr. Simpson was able to help in a 1 hour appointment through Direct Composite Bonding. 

Rebonding a natural Tooth Fragment

Rebonding a tooth fragment. It has held up through orthodontic (Invisalign) treatment – 10 years and counting!

Tooth fragment was dehydrated and a little “white”.
As enamel rehydrated, the repair becomes imperceptible. 


Gum Contouring

Gingival hyperplasia (overgrowth) from plaque and orthodontic brackets. This would not have happened (or not been as severe) with Invisalign.
After laser gingivectomy when brackets were removed and then after periodontal apical repositioning.